JNC 專業不銹鋼廚具套裝

- 優質不銹鋼刀片

- 波浪坑紋,不黏刀面

- 刀柄流線形設計,平衡舒適與掌握

- 一套五款專業廚具,配備鋒利萬用骨剪,多種用途


8" 劈刀

尺寸: 325x45mm

重量: 140g


8" 廚師刀

尺寸: 325x50mm

重量: 175g



尺寸: 325x30mm

重量: 107g


5" 削皮刀

尺寸: 240x22mm

重量: 43g



尺寸: 250x50mm

重量: 215g




JNC Stainless Steel Professional Knife Set

- High-quality stainless steel blades

- Wavy pits for easy slicing

- Ergonomically design handle

- A set of five professional kitchenware,   with a shape poultry shear 


8" Cleaving knife

Size:         325x45mm

Weight:   140g


8" Small cleaver

Size:         325x30mm

Weight:   107g


8" Chef knife

Size:         325x50mm

Weight:   175g


5" Paring knife

Size:         240x22mm

Weight:   43g


Poultry Shear

Size:         250x50mm

Weight:   215g

專業不銹鋼廚具套裝 - Stainless Steel Professional Knife Set


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