JNC 不銹鋼萬用煮食煲(連蒸籠)

- 1.2公升 一人煮食更方便

- 無級數限制火力

- 雙層防燙外殼

- 過熱自動斷電保護裝置

- 包含蒸籠,可作煮飯、蒸菜、製作甜品、煲湯等用途


JNC Stainless Steel Multi Electric Cooker 1.2L with steamer insert 

- 1.2 liters, more convenient for one person to cook

- Unlimited level of heat

- Double-layer of anti-scald shell

- Automatic power-off protection when there is overheat

- Including steamer, it can be used for cooking rice, steaming vegetables, making desserts, soup, etc.



Note: BS plug


Model No: JNC-MFC12R

Color: Prussian Blue / Rose Red

Voltage: AC 220 - 240V

Power: 600W

Measurement(with a steamer):
224(L) x 169(W) x 237(H) mm
224(L) x 169(W) x 177(H) mm
Weight(with steamer): 1.2kg
Weight: 1kg

JNC Stainless Steel Multi Electric Cooker 1.2L - 不銹鋼萬用煮食煲 1.2L


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